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To choose Dell XPS 10 or not? That’s no longer a question for you!

Since Windows RT system was launched, due to its totally different interface from the windows systems, Android, or iOS system ever before, manufacturers have reached out their hands for this new born system and use it into their tablets, or the Hybrid of tablets and laptop. And Dell XPS 10 is one of them.


Generally speaking, XPS 10 is just in the middle, neither too conspicuous nor too awful. Why am I saying that? That is mainly because of the limitation of this new operating system. Now let’s see the shining points of it first.

First of all, the most attractive character of XPS 10 is that we can use it as a tablet or as a laptop whenever and wherever we want. The keyboard dock is really powerful, the soft sense of touching, the USB and micro-HDMI plug-in, and the function as a mobile booster, which all make you fall in love with this keyboard. Also, it’s not as thin as the keyboard for Surface RT, that means from the practical sense, it would be much better than that of Surface RT.

Secondly, I like its classic design of its arc edge. That would make me feel like it’s not that aggressive. If it’s totally a rectangle design, I would think it just like you would hurt people with the sharp corner if carelessly.

Thirdly, this could be a popular choice for businessmen rather than people who just want to use it for fun. Though Windows RT is the simplified version of Windows 8, it’s a PC system, which allows people to work on it, to do further calculation, analysis, record on it. Playing game is just the small part of a PC, and working for human is the major mission of computer. So in this case, Windows RT tablet is born mainly for working. The powerful and relatively complete office software of Microsoft and the PC browser have enabled you to finish the most part of your work that you can only do with PC ever before. That should be the biggest selling point of Dell XPS 10. Together with the keyboard, you can achieve working like a laptop with XPS 10.

To the other side of the tablet, it has some drawbacks. The first one we can say that its success or failure caused by the same Windows RT. I’ve said above that this new born system is too young to be steady. It takes time to be grown-up. One day, we’ll see the Windows 8 is as steady as iOS system.

Next, this XPS 10, just as Surface RT, supports only 720p playback, though the color reproduction is good, yet it’s not brilliant. Also, the backside lens features 5MP, which is a little bit inferior compared to tablets like Asus Vivo Tab RT, Sony Tablet Z, etc.

In addition, if you want to play back videos on it, as it supports MP4 only, if you want to play videos downloaded from YouTube, or WebM, you have to convert YouTube Video to MP4, or convert WebM to MP4 with the help of a Video Converter. So as the occasion that you want to play the footages you’ve shot with your camera, or you’ve recorded with a set top box, you may need to change convert M2T videos to MP4, and convert PVR to MP4. That would cause some troubles.

To be conclusion, if you prefer to use the tablet more as a laptop to work and want its convenience to carry, you can choose Dell XPS 10 without hesitation. But if you want to play it more in entertainment like to play games, watch movies, or chat with others, you may choose other one instead.

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Best tool to convert Canon 100D to MP4 with iOrgSoft Video Converter for Sony Xepria ZR playback

Canon 100D gives people surprises with its mini size as a DSLR, and its STM kit lens with mixed focus system. We can shoot 1080/30p HD videos with 100D, and with the STM lens, we can get brilliant moving objects with smoothly and quietly focusing while shooting. And if you got the latest water proof Sony Xperia ZR, whose 720p screen allows you to playback the HD videos smoothly, you can definitely enjoy the footages you shot with 100D in Xperia ZR.

But the problem is, the output format of 100D can be either MOV or MEPG-4 AVC/H.264. If you preset the format as MOV, then you cannot that freely play back your footages with Xperia ZR. What you should do at first is to use a Video Converter to convert MOV to MP4 for Xperia ZR to recognize. Here iOrgSoft Video Converter can do you a favor in converting all your video files to other different formats as well as editing videos by trimming, splitting, cropping, merging, etc. This converter allows you to convert video files to common formats, also it allows you to convert your video files to a certain device, like to Galaxy S4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPad, Sony Xperia, BlackBerry, etc.

With it, you can just freely convert M2T to FCP for a further editing, M2T to AVI for videos better run with the native media player or movie maker of PC, or to convert M2T to MP4 for mobile devices playback.

The usage of it is quite simple, and you can figure out how to use this video converter by only three steps, first to add files, second to select output format, last to convert. And below I’ll show you a picture including some introduction of the meaning of the buttons. Try your best to learn the usage by yourself!

Besides, if you take photos, and you edit them with iPhoto into a slideshow, wanting to burn them into DVD for sharing with friends and just for memorizing, you may need a DVD Maker to help you burn iPhoto slideshow to DVD. Then before you burn the slideshow into DVD, you can also make a personalize DVD menu, you can do it with the DVD Maker. With the DVD Maker, you can just design the background images, music, and also the title of the menu. To do so, you do not need to go to the video shop to pay someone to so this for you and you can just enjoy DIYing your own DVD.

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The best format Panasonic DMC-G6 should convert to for better play AVCHD on PC player

If you used Panasonic DMC-G6 to shoot footages, you may find out that it outputs HD AVCHD footages. This format is not that friendly to the Windows Media Player. That is to say, if you have no other powerful media player, you got to be disappointed that this AVCHD cannot run with Windows Media Player.

You may be thinking about to use somewhat video converter to convert AVCHD files to other format that is compatible with WMP. If you google the supported format of WMP, you may find that it can support ASF, AVI, WMV, MPEG1, MPEG, M1V, MP2, WM, WMA, etc. So many formats are supported by WMP, which one is the best?

Let me first tell you the major differences among those formats, then you’ll know which one to choose:

AVI: best quality of all, but large size.
MPG/MPEG/MPEG1/MPEG2/M1V:these formats can be considered as MPEG category, they features small size and better quality, and wide support
WMV: small size with good quality
ASF: the video format that is designed for better transportation online
WMA: audio format, smaller than mp3; as to quality, below 128kbps, it’s better than MP3, above, MP3 perform better
WM:same as wma

Well, from the introduction, I think you’ve had the best answer in your mind, right? Yes, it’s AVI. That is because AVCHD is a high quality video format. In order to save its quality, you may convert AVCHD to AVI though AVI features large size. But actually it’s not that large, and compared to AVCHD, it’s much smaller. So in this case, you may need a AVCHD to AVI Converter to make the conversion for you.

iOrgSoft AVCHD to AVI Converter could be a smart choice for it supports all AVCHD/MXF/MOD/TOD footages to be converted to other formats that you want and suit for the programs or mobile devices you are using. With it, you can easily convert M2T to MOV, or you can M2T to MP4 for almost all the mobile devices in the market.

Like I tell you above, the AVCHD to AVI Converter has its limitation. The format out of the range of them, you cannot use it to convert. The popular 4k format XAVC, it has not yet widely supported now. If you want to edit the XAVC files in some professional editors like Sony Vegas, the version below Pro 12. If you want to import XAVC to Sony Vegas for further editing, you may also need the iOrgSoft Video Converter, the much more powerful video converter for you to convert all the video files to other formats you want.

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How to convert Sony NEX-3N AVCHD to Final Cut Pro with AVCHD Converter easily

To be back to the mini and portable camera market, Sony NEX-3N, as the update version of NEX-F3, is small in size and interesting in use with its succeeding functions like panorama shooting, HDR effects, and auto object framing. It supports 4fps continuous shooting and 1080p HD video shooting in either AVCHD or MP4 for a broader use with the footages. As for me, the most attractive features of Sony NEX-3N are mainly the tiltable LCD that enables us to take self-portrait in anytime and anywhere, and its high 18MP megapixel that allows us to shoot exquisite and clear photos and videos as we like, as well as the built-in zoom lever that makes NEX-3N more like a portable digital camera.

As we can record footages in either AVCHD or MP4, if you don’t aim to HD and high quality image, you can use the MP4 codec for you to share your videos with ease on webs directly; if you care about the video quality, you may save the footages as Blu-ray Disc AVCHD codec for better post editing or making the footages into DVD. If you want to import M2T videos to FCP, you still need a useful tool, that is, a video converter AVCHD, for you to convert your AVCHD/M2T files to other target format for proper programs or mobile devices to run.

To meet your need, the iOrgSoft AVCHD Converter would be a smart choice for this is an easy-to-use converter that enables you to convert your AVCHD/MTS/M2TS/M2T/MXF/MOD/TOD files to other different editors or mobile devices including popular mobile phones and tablets. With this converter, you can easily convert M2T to MOV for QuickTime or iMovie to smoothly run, or if you want to make M2T files playable on PC native movie player, you can convert M2T to AVI. And all of these conversion would not cost too much of your time. Moreover, this AVCHD Converter would maintain the original quality of your footages so you don’t need to be afraid that your footages will be damaged within the process of converting.

As to its usage, you can refer to the pictures below to explore it by yourself. Remember the general steps, first add files, second choose output format, last convert:

By the way, you can do further editing with this converter, like trimming, splitting, cropping and setting special effects, etc. Trimming and splitting button are on the top of the interface, you can set the start and end time as well as merging clips in the “Trim” window; and you are able to separate your videos into several equal parts due to time or part in the “Split” window. Cropping and effects are in the “Edit” window, and you can cut unwanted part of the videos and add some special effects in this window.

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Canon 700D MOV to FCP-the easiest solution to convert Canon MOV to Final Cut Pro with ease

The newly launched Canon 700D features almost the same as its predecessor 650D, like the 18MP APS-C CMOS sensors, Digic 5 processor, 1080p shooting, and the 3-inch 1.04MP reversible screen. The improvements are mainly in the mix style CMOS auto focus system, the real-time preview of the special shooting effects, and the catchiest thing is that the kit lens is changed to the STM 18-55mm one. This is a good news in shooting footages with a Canon entry-level DSLR.

So in this case, if you are using Canon 700D to shoot some footages and wanting to edit Canon 700D MOV video in FCP, then you’ll get some troubles. That is, the output format of 700D is in H.264 MOV while the best accepted format of FCP is Apple ProRes 422. So you’d better first use a MOV Converter to help you change the format MOV to Apple ProRes 422 so that you can edit the footages with ease in Final Cut Pro.

A MOV Converter allows you to convert all your video clips to other format files that you need within a short time and cause no loss. If you use the converter to make conversion, you can definitely achieve conveting M2T to FCP for a further editing just like a piece of cake. Besides, you can also convert your video files to other devices like iPad, iPhone, Samsung mobile devices, etc. Moreover, its usage is quite easy, and even though you are knowing nothing about the converter and converting before, you can learn how to use it in a few minutes. Just remember the major steps are first run the converter, then add your files, and select the target format for output, and lastly begin the conversion.

Below let me show you the pictures for you to know more clearly about how to import MOV to Final Cut Pro:

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How to play SWF on Samsung Galaxy S4 with SWF to Samsung Galaxy S4 Converter for Mac

It has been two month already since Samsung Inc. launched its Samsung Galaxy S4, and now more and more people make use of this remarkable phone. Besides using it to communicate with other people and playing funny games, people would use it most to watch movies I think. So when it comes to watch videos, you may encounter some special format videos that need special player to run them, just like SWF. As we all know that SWF is a flash file that is primarily produced by Adobe Flash software. And this format enjoys the features of little size and containing animation. However, though SWF flash is very popular, we can only play it with the flash player and its plughin.

In this case, if you want to play SWF on Samsung Galaxy S4 freely without a flash player, you may fail to do so. But don’t worry about it, you can just use an SWF to Samsung Galaxy S4 Converter for Mac to help you convert your SWF files to the supported format of Galaxy S4. This converter would not take too much of your time. As the batch converting function is available for the user, you can import as many SWF files as possible to the converter, and then it’ll convert your videos one by one without keeping an eye on it all the time. Besides, this SWF Converter allows you to convert SWF files to other different devices as well.

If you are using the 3G mobile phone and you want to import the SWF files to it, you can try converting SWF to 3GP Mac; if you want to post your just-finished flash on YouTube or other video sharing websites, you can just use this SWF Converter to convert SWF to FLV Mac.

In addition, you can master the usage of this converter within few minutes even though you are not the professional person and have no idea of this program before. Below I’ll show you some detail pictures to show you the major function of this converter, you can try it by yourself after you download the free trial online:

1. You may see the “Crop” button in the first picture, if you click this button, you can just cut the unwanted part of the videos and add the watermark if you like.
2. Also the “Grab SWF” between “Select File” and “Crop” serves as a downloader for you to download the SWF files online with ease with only importing the url of the videos.

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Use the best converter-SWF to iMovie Converter for Mac-to convert SWF to iMovie for editing

Nowadays, SWF files are mainly produced by Flash software and used for web design, flash videos, animation, etc. The format is quite useful except that you have to use a flash player or the plug-in of flash player to open the files in SWF format, which is not that convenient to people who want to play them freely.

Also, if you want to edit the SWF files in the popular video editors like iMovie, FCP, Sony Vegas, etc. you may get depressed as the files are not supported by the editors. In this case, take iMovie for example, you make need a converter like SWF to iMovie Converter for Mac to help you convert SWF to iMovie MOV first so that you can import the files with ease.

iOrgSoft SWF to iMovie Converter for Mac is the exact tool for you to convert all your SWF files to other programs or devices for you to use the video files more effectively. If you want to play SWF on Samsung Galaxy S4, you can use this video converter to convert SWF to MP4 first, and this MP4 format is suitable for most of the mobile devices, like iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire, Nexus, Samsung Galaxy Note, etc. It’s really easy to use and convenient to people that you can import bunches of SWF files to the converter and when you click start, it’ll do the conversion one by one automatically.

If you want to know about the specific usage of the program, you can refer to the pictures below to learn about how to convert Mac SWF to MOV by yourself:

If you are using Windows Movie Maker other than iMovie, you can use this converter to convert SWF to AVI Mac first, then you can import the converted AVI files to your movie maker and it’ll work without rendering; and if you want to play SWF files on 3G phone, you got to convert SWF to 3GP for the smoothly playback on your mobile phone. Read More...

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Easily adopt SWF Converter Mac to convert SWF files to MKV for playback on Media player

As we know, MKV is a media file of Matroska, a new multi-media encapsulated format. We can call MKV format as a multimedia container that it can contain various videos and audios with different encoding type. It’s new and widely recognized by media players. However, SWF is another story. It is the flash file format that can be smoothly playback only on the flash player or the websites with flash player plug-in.

If now you want to play SWF files on the media player without installing the flash player, the best way to make SWF files be acceptable by media player is to use an SWF Converter Mac for you to easily convert SWF to MKV so that you can play the files without rendering.

Besides, this is a useful video converter that allows you to convert your SWF files to any other format with a short time and cause no loss. If you are using the 3G mobile phone, and you want to play the SWF files on it, you can use the converter to convert SWF to 3GP; if you want to share your funny SWF videos with other online, you can first convert SWF to FLV, then you can upload the files to websites with ease.

I said it is easy to use, you may still have doubts right? Then you can try this converter by yourself and explore it with reference below:

From the picture above you may figure out that you can also use this SWF converter to convert SWF files to many mobile devices or programs. If you don’t want to install the software or the plugin of flash player on your devices, you can just make use of this converter to help you convert SWF to Samsung Galaxy on Mac, or convert SWF to MOV Mac for QuickTime to run.

Last but not least, see the button “Crop”? If you are thinking that the image size is too large or too small, you can just use this function to crop your SWF files. Read More...

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How to convert SWF to YouTube for you to upload SWF files on YouTube with SWF to YouTube Converter

YouTube is the largest video sharing websites. People share their new things or favorite videos on this platform with the video format FLV, that is to say, if you want to share your videos on YouTube, you’d better make sure that your video files are in FLV or MP4. If now you are keeping several really interesting SWF files that are made by the Flash software and you want to share them on YouTube, what would you do with those SWF files?

First you may think of converting SWF to FLV Mac, right? But this is not gonna work if you simply change the file extension, you still need a software to change the format. When it comes to the software that can change video format, that might be a video converter. So many video converter there to choose and you may get confused which one would be better. Here I advise you to make use of the SWF to YouTube Converter, an efficient video converter for you to convert SWF files to any other different format.

You can convert SWF files to other common used formats like to convert SWF to AVI. Besides, you can also convert SWF to other players or editors like to FCP, iMovie, Sony Vegas, etc. If you want to import SWF to QuickTime Mac, don’t be hesitated, this converter can help you do this easy conversion. It’s a versatile yet easy-to-use video converter for you to convert all your SWF files to other formats you want.

Moreover, if you are thinking the size of your image is not suitable, you can also crop SWF files Mac with this SWF to YouTube Converter.

Till now, you may be curious how to use this software. Never mind, you can refer to the pictures below to try this converter by yourself and you may find out that it’s really easy to use:

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Take SWF to MP4 Converter to achieve converting SWF files to MP4 with ease

SWF file is the popular flash file that can only be opened by some special flash player like Adobe Flash Player. We can see the SWF files online everywhere, the flash advertisement, the flash videos on video sharing webs, or the flash effects on homepage, etc. But if we want to watch such format files, we have to have a flash player at hand. It’s quite troublesome as for some special mobile devices needs special format files rather than SWF. “Is there any software that can change one video file to many other different format files?” someone would ask.

And I’d like to tell you, there’s and there are many such kind of software, and they’re called video converter. For here, you can take use of the SWF to MP4 Converter, the converter aims to convert your SWF files to MP4 for most of the mobile devices to play back. MP4 is now widely supported by currently used mobile devices like Apple products, Samsung products, other brand tablets, mobile phones, etc.

With it, you can freely convert SWF to Kindle Fire, or import SWF to Samsung Galaxy S4. This converter would cost no loss and finish the conversion in a short time to save your time in converting video formats. Besides, you can also convert other format files to any other different format as you like and meet your need.

Of course, if the video converter can only convert formats, it cannot be widely used with the video stuff. As to do something with the video, you may also want to do some editing on them while converting format if possible, do you? This SWF to MP4 Converter can definitely be the smart choice for you as it can not merely convert video or audio format, it can also doing some simple editing. You can crop SWF files, trim the unwanted part of the videos, split the long videos into several equal parts, and also set some special effects like “Contrast”, “Saturation”, etc.

Sometimes, you want to share your videos with friends online. Most of the time, you’d like to upload your files to YouTube, Facebook, or other video sharing platforms. Your SWF files are not accepted by such platform without Adobe Flash Player plug-in? Don’t worry about that, you can just use the converter to help you convert SWF to GIF or SWF to FLV. Then you can upload your SWF files freely.

Its usage is easy and remember first add files, second set the output format, and third start converting. The meaning for the icon of the interface, you can refer to the picture below and then start to explore this easy-to-use video converter by yourself:


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